68 USAF Bases Ranked By AirForceTimes.com

AirForceTimes.com has tried to quantify what airmen often discuss among themselves - which Air Force bases are best, and which ones you want to stay away from.

Using data from 68 US bases and the surrounding areas, this study looks at things like:

  • local school systems
  • cost of living
  • cost of housing
  • size of commissary/base exchange
  • local unemployment/crime rates
  • local climate
  • local sales tax
  • health care on base

And then weights each differing category according to its usual importance. For example, the scores for things like cost of living and local school systems are weighted more heavily than things like sales tax or local unemployment rates.

The full article gives not only the rational behind the top five, it also gives you the full list, so you can see which bases you should try and stay away from!