USAF Requests B-2 Upgrades

Although the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber is one of the newest aircraft in the US Air Force's arsenal, its maintenance and operational needs have caused the USAF to request authorization for several different modernization projects in the coming fiscal year.

USAF Under Fire for Perceived Campaign Against the A-10

An Air Force General who suggested that any airmen talking to Congress about the A-10's capabilities would be committing treason has come under fire for his comments.

F-16 Dodging 6 SAMs in Desert Storm!

This 1991 video of an F-16 dodging 6 SAMs during Operation Desert Storm is about as intense as it gets!

The SAMs start at about 3 minutes in.

Sequestration Still Looms, Congress Still Divided

As the two $500 billion cuts (one in national defense, one in domestic spending) known as sequestration loom on the horizon, both parties in Congress are still refusing to budge from their current positions.

New Medal for High-Tech Warriors Causing a Stir

Earlier this month the Pentagon revealed its new citation for the 21st century, the Distinguished Warfare Medal. This award is intended for drone pilots, offensive cyberwar personnel, and others directly involved in combat operations, but not physically in the combat theater of operations.

More Troops Coming Home in the Near Future

At the State of the Union address President Obama is expected to announce that this time next year 34,000 more US soldiers will be home - halving the number of US troops in Afghanistan.

DoD Finds Problems With F-22 Raptor Crash Investigation

On 16 November 2010, an F-22 flown by Capt. Jeff Haney lost contact with Air Traffic Control and was found to have crashed during a nighttime training flight near Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska. Capt. Haney was killed, and during the accident investigation all F-22's were restricted to flying below 25,000 before being grounded completely.

A little humor for your Friday!

Fiscal Cliff Deal Reached, Sequestration Pushed Back 60 Days

Yesterday Congress passed a bill averting the so-called 'fiscal cliff' on New Year's Day. Although Congress was able to come to an agreement on some items, many critical budget items were not able to be agreed upon in time.

Former USAF Skydiver's Record Shattered over New Mexico

Yesterday Felix Baumgartner set new world records by skydiving from 128,100 feet and breaking the sound barrier during his fall. The records he broke were set in 1960 by US Air Force Capt. Joseph Kittinger Jr., who jumped from 102,800 feet and achieved a top speed of 614 mph (or .9 Mach). Jumping from a higher altitude allowed Baumgartner to accelerate to a faster speed in the thinner air - he reached a top speed of 833 mph (1.24 Mach) during his descent.