F-16 vs F-15; Sparring Over the North Sea

A video posted by the Dutch Air Force gives us an inside look at a little bit of friendly NATO Dissimilar Air Combat Training (DACT), as a Dutch F-16 takes on an American F-15 flown by the US Air National Guard.

This video doesn't include any of the radio chatter that you sometimes find in these videos, but it does let you hear the ambient cockpit noises - and when the F-16 starts pulling G's, the creaks and shudders are a good indication of how hard the pilot is throwing his aircraft around. Even with the big, clear canopy of the F-16 it's obvious that the Dutch pilot is working hard not only to fly and fight his aircraft, but keeping his head moving at all times to make sure he keeps sight of the bigger F-15.

The video starts off with some startup and take-off footage, and the F-16 and F-15 get into formation at the 2-minute mark. After some aerial refueling (man, that boom seems CLOSE to the F-16 cockpit!) the "Fight's On" call seems to come at 3:35. Watch to see who is victorious: