Forget Pilot Videos - Here's One By Crew Chiefs!

A-10 Crew Chief

Hawg Smoke - a competition between 13 A-10 teams at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona - took place this year from June 2-4, and this video gives a little bit of "behind-the-scenes" action from the perspective of the crew chief getting an A-10 ready for a flight.

Crew chiefs don't get the glamour and admiration that pilots receive, but it's certainly not an exaggeration to say that without good crew chiefs the flight line would come to a rather quick halt. From day-to-day maintenance and inspections (both before and after flights), to diagnosing problems, performing administrative functions (paperwork - yay!), and coordinating any necessary repairs, an aircraft's crew chief is basically the "owner" of the plane - the pilot just rents a few hours here and there!

Hawg Smoke is a biannual A-10 competition with participants judged on strafing, high-altitude dive-bombing, low-angle high-delivery, Maverick missile precision, and crew chief activities.