Aircraft maintenance

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I'm looking at joining the Air National Guard, the 129th Rescue Squadron out of Moffet field in California. I have a list of all vacancies to choose from, but I don't know much about this field. I'm mainly trying to figure out which of these jobs could open up the best civilian opportunities. I'm hoping to hear from any airmen in this field. I'm prior service army but I was medical, and I don't know anybody AF. Thanks in advance

Jobs available:

Here's an updated list (as of 11 Sep) of Air Force Specialties we have with available vacancies in the 129th Rescue Wing at Moffett Field:
- Airlift/Special Mission Aircraft Maintenance (C-130 Hercules/MC-130 Shadow Engine Crew Chief Mechanic)
- Helicopter/Tilt-rotor Aircraft Maintenance (HH-60 Pavehawk Engine Crew Chief Mechanic)
- Aerospace Propulsion (Propellers, Turboprop/Turboshaft)
- Aircraft Ammunition Systems
- Aircraft Fuel Systems
- Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
- Aircraft Structural Maintenance (Repair, Modification & Fabrication)
- Aircraft Electrical & Environmental Systems (Low voltage & HVAC Systems)
- Aerospace Ground Equipment (Engine Support Systems/Diagnostics & Inspection)
- Aircraft Avionics (Cabin/Cockpit Electronics) specializing in: 
1.) Flight Communications & Navigation Systems
2.) Guidance & Control Systems
3.) Electronic Warfare/Countermeasures