Military and antidepressants

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I have recently decided to join the Air Force. However, in my researching I found some stuff about being on antidepressants is disqualifying and that you have to be off them for a year, and then get a waiver. But even then the doctors at MEPS could still say no. I actually was taken off of my meds several months ago by my doctor because I was in a much better place and felt I didn't need them any more. Turns out I was right. No adverse side effects and my mind feels clearer than it has since I got on the meds.

I'm really worried about the antidepressants hurting my chances and am debating just not mentioning it at all. BUT I do know that lying about things like that at MEPS can eventually come back to haunt you. My cousin who is a military wife told me that MEPS would have no way of knowing anyway because they don't have access to your medical records. BUT I have found info online that suggests otherwise.

Is there anyone out there that has dealt with a situation like this that can offer some answers/advice? The Air Force has been a dream of mine for a long time and now that I finally have worked up the nerve to do it I'm pretty discouraged by this whole situation.

Thanks in advance!

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Generally, anyone who requires non-OTC medication will be disqualified (or need a waiver). However, you lose nothing by attempting to enlist, but - as you stated - you should be completely honest with your recruiter. They will have the latest info and tell you how best to handle yourself at MEPS.