National Call to Service (NCS)

National Call to Service (NCS) is a congressional program that provides prospective applicants an opportunity for short-term enlistment. NCS enlistees will incur the same eight year Military Service Obligation (MSO) as traditional four and six year enlistees. Under the NCS program the enlistee will serve:

  1. Fifteen months on active duty (AD) following completion of BMT and tech training; followed by
    1. Extension on AD of at least 24 months, or
    2. Two years of service in the Selected “Regular” Reserve (SELRES), followed by
  2. Remainder of MSO in either:
    1. AD
    2. SELRES
    3. Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR)
    4. Other national service program designated by the Secretary of Defense (e.g. AmeriCorps). Exception: Peace Corps service is not authorized
    5. Any combination of the above

Incentives (payable on completion of active-duty obligation or entry into 24-month extension):

  1. $5000.00 bonus or
  2. Up to $10,000 repayment of student loans or
  3. (Noncontributory) education allowance for up to 12 months payable at Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) monthly rate or
  4. (Noncontributory) education allowance for up to 36 months payable at one-half MGIB monthly rate (education allowances will cease if SELRES obligation is not completed). NOTE: Except as specifically provided for in implementing regulations, failure to complete the eight-year MSO will result in discontinuation of any unpaid incentive and/or recoupment of a previously paid incentive.


  1. Non-prior service (NPS) only
  2. Traditional high school graduate (high school diploma)
  3. Must be ASVAB Category I-IIIA only – 50 AFQT or better
  4. No moral or drug waivers