USAF Can't Afford Aircraft in 5 Years

According to a recently released report by the Pentagon, the Air Force's budget problems are made clear. According to the Annual Aviation and Inventory Funding Plan for fiscal years 2017-2046, the USAF runs out of money to support it's fighter fleet in 2021 - just five years from now.

The full report, which can be read on, paints a grim picture of the Air Force in the next few years. According to the report:

The Air Force has insufficient resources to maintain the FY2016 NDAA mandated number of fighter aircraft (1900) beyond the 2017-2021 FYDP. At the current resource levels, projected aircraft service life divestiture outpaces procurement. This will substantially drop the total number of combat coded fighters and fighter squadrons through the 2022-2026FYDP. The inventory drop will continue until it reaches its lowest level in 2031.

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