USAF Needs Drone Pilots

If you're interested in getting some pilot training through the US Air Force, now may be the perfect time to try, as the service expects to have a large need for drone pilots in the coming years.

According to an article in the New York Times, a "significant portion" of the 1,200 USAF drone pilots are coming up for reenlistment soon, and are opting to leave the Air Force. The training program for drone pilots is also only producing around half the necessary pilots, since several instructors have been taken off instructional duties in order to perform missions.

The Air Force currently is planning to drop the number of daily drone flights from 65 down to 60, in order to deal with the current shortage of pilots. Top Air Force brass and CIA officials (who also use the USAF drone pilots to perform certain missions) had actually hoped to increase the number of missions to 70 per day, as the situation with the Islamic State has increased the demand of unmanned aircraft. Since August unmanned aircraft had performed about 3,300 sorties and 875 missile and bomb missions.