The View From Inside an F-16C Demonstration

We've posted cockpit videos from fighters before, but something about this video - taken by "Solo Turk", from the Turkish F-1C Solo Demonstration Team - gives me a real sense of flying rather than just watching a video.

Maybe it's the crazy visibility from the F-16C's cockpit, or the fact that he takes his aircraft from pretty low on the deck all the way up to a few thousand feet before heading over the top and returning down to the deck (rolling all the way!)giving the runway a couple of low passes! There's some (quite loud) cheesy music accompanying this video, so turn down your speakers, make it fullscreen, and crank up the resolution as high as your connection allows!

In addition to the getting a sense of what it really feels like in the cockpit of an F-16C, it's interesting to watch how little the pilot's right hand has to move to control the side-mounted flight stick, even through relatively extreme maneuvers.

If you want to see more of Solo Turk, here's a video of that includes a lot of the demonstration, complete with the narration (and more cheesy music) and ground footage mixed in with the in-cockpit footage. It's pretty neat to see the incredible acrobatics from the ground, while the pilot looks as calm as someone reading the morning paper!